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Founded by Ana Gequelin, Francynne Eve and Carime Lobo, Anga is an online marketplace exclusively featuring socially responsible Brazilian brands. Our goal is help women from native communities transform their lives by promoting the power of handcrafted techniques. We think is truly possible to combine native roots, tradition and fashion.




Lauche is a 100% cotton sleepwear line made with voile fabric utilizing the world’s best techniques to achieve the perfect level of comfort while you dream. We are proud to say that no plastic was used in the production of this collection. All of the sustainable fabrics hold certificates of origin and extraction to verify the brand’s commitment to the environment


Toro Indigena

Toro means spouting water in the native Brazilian language (Tupi Guarani). Water is calming and helps nature flourish. Eduarda Guimarães, with her indigenous heritage, has an exclusive atelier in Curitiba, southern Brazil. She brings the beautiful art developed by tribes from all over Brazil. The handbags are made from many different materials and regions, each with unique features, from the Amazon, Pará, Maranhão, Acre and Mato Grosso. Eduarda spends months every year with regional tribes, gathering knowledge the indigenous cultures. 


Les Filles Crochet

The brand features handmade pieces crafted in female detentions centers in the city of Belo Horizonte. This is a crucial project to elevate inmate self-esteem and prepare inmates to reenter the workforce.


Marie Mercie

The founder, Mercia Moura, improved independence and domestic violence statistics in the city of Itambe in Recife by hiring 500 women to perform handmade techniques of Richilieu.



The brand was born with the intent to positively impact several areas in southern Brazil. The production starts in western Santa Catarina, where cotton is harvested and processed into fabric by local producers. The ready-to-use fabric is transported to a small production facility in Florianópolis where two print masters apply their creativity. A percentage of every sale is donated to a bimonthly rotation of local institutions.  


AG beachwear

The bikinis and covers up are produced by women inside of their own homes, providing the opportunity support and raise a family.  


Carol Coelho Intimates

This brand designed by Carol Coelho is led and produced by a 100% female team which returned to the workplace through exceptional sewing expertise.



Work Your Body - In São Paulo, from the creation of fabrics, cutting, and sewing, to the production carried out in favelas of the city, the brand supports social and human progress.
The owners Marika Kika Junqueira (Brazilian) and the Marguerita Brazzale (Italian) provide athletic comfort with biodegradable, UV protected fabrics.


MARR Brasil

MARR developed and patented a fabric that is 100% Eco friendly, while providing UV protection to prevent skin diseases caused by excessive sun exposure.


Mellina Machado

The jewelry designed by Mellina Machado shares the beauty and colors of Brazilian stones produced by an amazing team of women goldsmiths. 

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